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 Mission Statement

It’s all about giving kids something to do by bringing young music acts to their community for an up close affordable Family friendly concert experience.

With the ever-expanding number of young, new artists entering the business, live concert performances remains a critical element for the musical artists to promote sales of their music, create opportunities to sell other merchandise, cultivate a fan base and showcase new material.

The people behind Concert Alien are all in the music, entertainment, promotion people that Love Music. We come from Music, TV,  Concert Promotion, Radio, Fund Raising, backgrounds.. We all Love Music and bringing live music to each and every city we travel to.

Concert Alien understands there is an opportunity to serve a niche market of fans with live performances in these under-served, small and medium-sized markets. By focusing in these markets, controlling costs, aggressive promotion and showcasing up-and-coming musicians, including artists local to the market, Concert Alien brings affordable performances that attract massive audiences and enthusiastic consumers. Concert Alien has identified a multitude of popular recording artists and locations nationwide for the execution of live concerts.

We offer affordable Live concert experience for young consumers and their families.  All ages Family friendly atmosphere where fans can experience a concert most times less than $15 a ticket.  VIP experience offers our concert goers the opportunity to personality meet the artists, have photos taken with them and get autographs. The VIP Experience is a great way for fans to interact one on one with the music artist.

We bring in Artists that may already have television exposure with DISNEY, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, NICKELODEON, YOU TUBE, THE VOICE, AMERICAN IDOL  and record company national artists.

We invite you to explore our STARS sections and our SIGHTINGS to see some of our past events and hope to see you at an upcoming event.

If you are a business or national brand looking to expose your product to thousands of active, energetic young consumers and their families think about being a Concert Alien sponsor, many affordable sponsorship packages are available.

Also if you would like us to bring a show to your area get in touch with us at

Past Events

Summer Jam Tallahassee

Craig Morgan

Emily Christmas

Anna Margaret


Concert for All Ages - Tyler, TX

Summer Jam Excalibur


Coming Soon


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